Monday, 14 June 2010

Daredevil : Shadowland

Can't believe it's been six months since I updated - sorry, thanks again to anyone who checks the blog. Here's a Daredevil cover to start the huge onslaught of work I'll soon be posting.... :)


lee carter said...

you should be sorry....every day i come here you hear me, every day.
Its worth the wait though..... another grand piece from your good self,,,topnotch mate.
hope all is well.cheers bud

Anonymous said...

Great piece! Don't be stingy with the artwork. Post old pics if ya need to buddy.

oriol said...

Tienes por aquí algunas BRUTALES.

ESte es buenísimo! Pero aun me alucina más Juez Dredd! Sin duda una de mis piezas favoritas es el Batman de más abajo!

Como único crítica y sin buscar molestar, iría con cuidado con algunos brillos, compaginándolos con mates. A veces es raro que todo brille mucho, pero también es cierto que a los Yankies les encantan las luces de feria.

Me ha flipado tu blog. No solo tienes un nivel de la hostia, sinó que algunas cosas con mogollon de fuerza y personalidad=)

oriol said...

Ok. Sorry for my comment in Spanish. I am stupid.

Just saying I really like your work. You have not just an excelent drawing, you have strong and personallity=)

I write and stupid critic in spanish, about some lights, maybe, only maybe, Daredevil or another pieces, have extra luminosity.