Monday, 4 April 2011

Barack Obama shoots hoops, yeah?

One of a couple of illustrations for the May 2011 issue of GQ, out now in all good newsagents...


Joanna Steele said...

Hi Ben,

I've had strange comments left on my blog and I hope you do not imagine this as too strange a one on yours...but I have a very special request!
My partner is a huge comic fan and admirer of your work..he is a writer, he used to have a blog, which he slowly lost the will to update..

His birthday is coming around soon, and i am trying to give him a gift which will really show my love for him as we've been through hard times.. He loves your work, its unique! I know you both having the same name may seem naff, but I wondered if there was anyway you could create a small work, maybe from an image I could send you, through this doesn't matter..whatever you would feel most comfortable with :)

And of course, i could pay you something..I know this may be random, but I cant think of anything more special in the world to give him, it would be something completely unique and bring the biggest smile to his face.

I look forward to hearing from you



ben oliver said...

Hi Joanna -

Thanks for getting in touch, beautiful photography on your blog btw...

I've actually seen Ben's blog on the extremely rare occasions I go egosurfing :) If you contact me direct on hopefully we can sort something out.



I love that Obama Hoop thing you've got up there slashing and cuting to the rim and the flaaag! Awesome stuff! I'll exchange a work against an article or a translation in French! Or a tweet or a blogpost on our blog, whatever you ask me that is 'reasonable' really :))