Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Final Batwing #4 cover


Mark Beer said...

I love this image.Beautiful work.Do you use the dodge and burn tool for shading?Or is it a paint tool?

ben oliver said...

Thanks Mark - No, I've experimented in the past with dodge and burn but tend to stick with drawing the lineart, then greytones, then paint. With Photoshop adjustment you can almost just use flat colour to paint, maybe with a bit of additional overpainting to finish up. I'll try and put a step by step sequence on my Facebook page :)

Sajin P Asokan said...

Hey, I've been a big fan of Batwing series, mainly because of your art-work.

As far as your blog is concerned, plz do add the Followers widget, so that we may be kept updated about your blog updates.

Keep up the good work bro. Peace Out.

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