Thursday, 24 March 2011

CB Colour


tomaz2k said...

Really Great!

Lionel Cornelius Jr said...


cool beans74 said...

this is beautiful, one tiny thing though, when i first saw this image on another site, i noticed the colouring on the jaw part of the mask/helmet was blue when it should be red, on this image that has been fixed,
but now in the top right corner the stripe showing on the far side of his mask/helmet is blue when it should be red.
minor quibble on an otherwise perfect picture, just wondered what the final image will look like in print.

Anonymous said...

wanna buy! :-)))))

Anonymous said...


Did you create this image?

I found it after I googled for Capt. Britain. My tattoo artist and myself both fell in love with it and we made it into a kickass tat.

Shoot me an email napalmftw with gmail after it. I'll send you the pics. We definitely did your work justice. Well - my artist did.